Are you interested in becoming a Music Together® teacher?

If so, then join us in Alexandria from December 7th - December 9th for a Music Together Worldwide Teacher Training Workshop, led by Music Together Worldwide's Director of Educational Services, Deanna DeCampos!

"Our three-day, in-person Music Together teacher training workshop combines philosophy and practice in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere.  During the workshop, youi'll learn how children learn music and how you can apply it to lesson-planning and song-leading.  You'll also see the power of family music firsthand, as you observe three mixed-age family classes taught by your trainer or an experienced teacher. " 
Source - Music Together Worldwide website

Continuing Education credits and Graduate credits are available for those who complete the training.  


To register, visit the event page for the Alexandria training and complete the registration process. 

Family Favorites Demonstration ClassesTeal circle with "Free Demonstration Classes" text inside

Demonstration classes are an integral part of the Music Together teacher training experience.  There is one demonstration class on each day of the training, and all of them are FREE for families to attend!  We ask that you do register in advance so that we can appropriately prepare for the size of the class.  Thank you!


No classes are currently scheduled.